About HGC

I started working online in 2007, a couple of years after my wreck. I taught myself how to create websites with website builder and Cpanel. In 2009, I created Holland Global Corp as my online company. I taught myself how do html ads and banners. Joined safelist and mastered them.

I then joined different network marketing companies like: GDI, GVO, Savingshighway, ROI, Level9, Freewaytosuccess and SFI. But not all at once. I made money and lost money with these companies.

GDI and GVO has website hosting, that's all. Savingshighway has discounted trips and other stuff only. ROI had discounted travel trips like Savingshighway and soon went under. Level9, had an app and introduced the TelaDoc online first and soon went out of business. Freeway to success is similar to savings highway, at a dead still right now. SFI, I still don't understand that company, so many things confusing to me! Also there was a cell phone company online backed by T Mobile, I can't remember the name, but they didn't even make it past 6 months. None of these network marketing companies has changed the way they do things for their members today. They still have the same old comp plan and product lines.

I took a break from the network marketing venture in late 2013 because those said companies would not enhance their compensation plan or products. I still kept up with companies to see if they enhanced anything and it was still a No! Some folded because they wouldn't enhance their comp plan or product line.

I did work as a maintenance tech supervisor and opened up an outsource maintenance company. Boy was that a costly waste of time and money! I am a master electrician, highly experienced in different fields of management and in the maintenance industry. But I find that network marketing has a better chance to build a better retirement than said industry fields!

So as of February 2022 I re-opened my network marketing venture with Genusity by Holland Global Corp. And Genusity will help me and will give me the opportunity to make as much money as I want to make.  And Genusity products are absolute and a product to sell and stand behind! So it's a win win for me and Genusity!

My 16 years in network marketing has paId off for me and my family.

I have learned from a good friend whom I have known since I started online network marketing? Not to diversify into different companies at once. Get one business going strong before starting another or just simply stay with the one you have invested in, just like a marriage. And Genusity is in my blood! I believe in Genusity's products and comp plan!

With that said, Genusity is my pick of All Natural Products that is good for you! We have added a Virtual Mall OPEN 24/7 - 365 days a year! Get cash back while you shop! Clubshop & Genusity together makes a TEAM!!


H. Glenn Holland